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Disclaimer: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients and all invasive surgery carries risks.

Website Information Disclaimer – this information is general and subject to change.

  • The information on this website is GENERAL in nature. It will not apply to each and every patient.
  • Information is also NOT intended as a substitute for medical advice.
  • Results vary from patient to patient.

It’s important you have realistic expectations about having cosmetic surgery AND that you understand all invasive SURGERY carries RISKS.

  • Surgery will also leave a scar.
  • Patient results and scars can vary significantly.
  • Some patients are prone to more noticeable scarring.
  • Ask your Surgeon for information.

Information on this website is NOT intended as medical advice, nor does it constitute or imply a doctor-patient relationship.

  • You are advised to see your Surgeon in person to assess what surgery may or may not accomplish for you.
  • Surgery should NEVER be taken lightly and you are recommended to seek a SECOND OPINION from a FRACS qualified Surgeon Plastic Surgeon.
  • There is also a mandatory 7 day “cooling off” period between a consultation and having a procedure.
  • Remember, too, that surgery will leave a scar and that your scar may be more visible than other patients’ scars.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients.

Plus, all surgery carries risks, some minor and some serious or potentially life threatening.

Healthy patients usually tolerate cosmetic surgery and general anaesthesia well; but it’s imperative you are 100% honest with your Plastic Surgeon about:

  • pre-existing surgery/s and experiences
  • prior injuries to the area(s) being operated on
  • health problems or health conditions
  • skin conditions
  • weight history
  • genetic risks
  • allergies and sensitivities
  • mental health and emotional concerns
  • your motivations for having surgery
  • your expectations
  • your substance use patterns
  • supplement use and nutritional habits

Results and RISKS can VARY from patient to patient

  • Many different FACTORS influence your surgery experience, pain, long-term results, scars and risks.
  • You can REVIEW BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS from your Surgeon to get a GENERAL idea of other patients’ results.
  • HOWEVER, this is no guarantee you’ll have similar results – even if you have a similar body, face or nose.

Every patient is an individual and no two surgery experiences, results or scars will be alike.

  • So you need to remember that every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects.
  • Therefore NO TWO SURGICAL procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results — even if patients are fairly similar and even if the procedures are performed by the same Plastic Surgeon.

In terms of results and expectations, there are numerous variables with every patient, each surgery and every recovery and healing period.

All invasive surgery carries RISKS and results can vary significantly from patient to patient.

  • As you read our pages, please understand this information is general in nature.
  • The information on this site does not constitute medical advice nor does it imply a relationship of any kind with any of our medical professionals or team members.
  • Be sure you understand the risks, costs and recovery times of any plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure you are considering. Read the provided materials carefully and be sure you understand the consent form.
  • It is also recommended to seek a second surgical opinion from another FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon and to read all materials provided to you BEFORE consenting to surgery.