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Dr Douglas McManamny
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Choosing Between Breast Implants

Breast augmentation can enhance your breasts to give you the body shape and proportions you want. There are a variety of different breast implants to choose between, and the implant that was perfect for your best friend may not be a good choice for you.To reap the greatest benefits from your procedure, recognise that your […]

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How to Get Rid of Deep Forehead Wrinkles

Deep forehead wrinkles and a deeply furrowed brow are rarely seen in younger individuals. The reason for this is that as you age, skin elasticity diminishes and the brow muscles begin to relax. This results in excess upper eyelid skin and drooping eyebrows. To minimise upper eyelid hooding, you will naturally and often unconsciously raise […]

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Winter Is the Perfect Time for a Chemical Peel

Most people know that a lot of sun exposure is hard on your skin and may cause it to age at an accelerated rate. Good skin care, minimising sun exposure, and wearing sun block will help you maintain healthy skin longer. For a more intense treatment, a ┬ádeep chemical peel can reverse some of these […]

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The Body Lift Experience

Major weight loss is incredibly rewarding, but it may not give you the body shape you want. A body lift can tighten your body and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Below, you will learn all about the body lift experience. This includes what it is to what recovery is like and how you could […]

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Open Your Eyes to the Possibilities

When you look at the people around you, you will see a lot of different pairs of eyes. Some will be green while others will be blue, and some will look youthful and bright. Others, however, will look old and tired. As you make these observations about other people’s eyes, you may not realize what […]

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